Tuesday, June 29

Majlis Pertunangan Naimah (19 June 2010)

I would like to congratulate one of my ex-classmate engagement which is on 19th june 2010 (saturday)..it was fun since many of us classmates did attend on that occasion..these are some of the pictures that was taken during the day of the engagement

Saturday, June 26

Hello to all again (^^,)

CONFIDENCE CONTROL~~(^^,) It's been awhile since my last entry..yup..dah bersawang-sawang dah page nie..but still i miss writing an entry..i do have time to write but the mood doesn't really came to me..haha..that's why i haven't been writting anything for the past few months..haha..

soo..what's new??..haha..nothing much in particular..i just change to a new phone..2ndhand phone actually..got it for a very cheap price..ermm..i'm losing 5 kilo's for the past 2 months..a bit slow in weighing down but heyy..i am getting slimmer..haha.. =D...bought a new acoustic guitar..fully wooden made..sounds nice..price was good too..a bit higher class than kapok guitar versions..well..i could say everything is a bit better for me for the past few months..haha..

well..most would wonder where have i been to with my my LC for these past few months..dgn sedihnye i wasn't travelling much..only went to some of my friends weddings, and small events around selangor..paling jauh pon pegi ke cameron..ride under newly built community name I- Riders Community which is created by a friend of mine in my Univercity..haha..and then i went to IPOH too..haha..well, yg ni ak x nek moto..but this one i travelled by train..haha..what am i doing in ipoH??..haha..just visitting my Univercity mates there..haha..went to Lost World Of Tambun too~~..hahaha.. =D

well..i guess thats all for todays entry..haha.. this are some of the pictures that i take my last few months..

My bike now on 18th June 2010
~Ahau Exhaust (above)

ahnap dan daud die Tambun Lost World

driver bertauliah

needle of Tambun

Lost World Of Tambun

Hospital Bahagia Tanjung Rambutan

Ride to Aloy's Wedding at Kuale Kangsar with LCPJ crew's

hahaha..nothing in particular

Cameron Ride With I-Riders Community

Autoshow at RTM with LCPJ crew's