Friday, January 15

The Bro's Code Part 2

i've revealed to all of u some of the first 30 code which stated in the bro's this time i'll reveal to all the next 30 code..haha..enjoy...

ATTENTION ==> THESE RULES ARE ACTUALLY FOR COMEDY AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSE AND NOT TO BE PRACTISE IN OUR DAILY LIFE!! only if some of the rules u've seen is usefull n logical, then u may practise it in ur own risk..

How to be a Bro by “The Bro Code” written by Barney Stinson of the How I Met Your Mother

Article 31: When on the prowl, a Bro hits on the hottest chick first because you just never know

Article 32: A Bro doesn’t allow another Bro to get married until he’s at least thirty.

Article 33: When in a public restroom, a Bro
(1) stares straight ahead when using the urinal;
(2) makes the obligatory comment, "What is this, a chicks’ restroom?" if there are more than two dudes waiting to pee; and
(3) attempts to shoot his used paper towel into the trash can like a basketball…rebounding is optional.

Article 34: Bros cannot make eye-contact during a Devil’s Three Way.

Article 35: A Bro never rents a chick flick.

Article 36: When questioned in the company of women, a Bro always decries fake breasts.

Article 37: A Bro is under no obligation to open a door for anyone. If women insist on having their own professional basketball league, then they can open their own doors. Honestly they’re not that heavy.

Article 38: Even in a fight to the death a Bro never punches another Bro in the groin.

Article 40: Should a Bro become stricken with engagement, his Bros shall stage an intervention and attempt to heal him. This is more commonly known as "a bachelor party."

Article 41: A Bro never cries
Exceptions: Watching Field of Dreams, ET or a sports legend retire (only first time he retires)

Article 42: Upon greeting another Bro, a Bro may engage in a high five, fist bump, or a Bro hug, but never a full embrace.

Article 43: A Bro loves his country.

Article 44: A Bro never applies sunscreen to another Bro.

Article 45: A Bro never wears jeans to a strip club.

Article 46: If a Bro is seated next to some dude who’s stuck in the middle seat on an airplane, he shall yield him all of their shared armrest, unless the dude has
(a) taken his shoes off,
(b) is snoring,
(c) makes the Bro get up more than once to use the lavatory, or
(d) purchased headphones after they announced the in-flight movie is 27 Dresses. See Article 35.

Article 47: A Bro never wears pink. Not even in Europe

Article 48: A Bro never publicly reveals how many chicks he’s banged.

Article 49: When asked, "Do you need some help?" a Bro shall automatically respond, "I got it," whether or not he’s actually got it.

Article 50: If a Bro should accidentally strike another Bro’s undercarriage with his arm while walking, both Bros silently agree to continue on as if it never happened.

Article 51: A Bro checks out another Bro’s blind date and reports back with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down

Article 52: A Bro is not required to remember another Bros birthday, though a phone call every now and again probably wouldn’t kill him.

Article 53: Even in a drought, a Bro flushes twice

Article 54: A Bro is required to go out with his Bros on St. Paddy’s Day and other official Bro holidays, including Halloween, New Year’s Eve, and Desperation Day (February 13th)

Article 55: Even in an emergency that requires a tourniquet, a Bro never borrows from or lends clothes to another Bro.

Article 56: A Bro is required to alert another Bro if the Bro/chick Ration at a party falls below 1:1. However, to avoid Broflation, a Bro is only allowed to alert one Bro. Further, a Bro may not speculate on the anticipated Bro/Chick Ratio of a party or venue without first disclosing the present-time observed ratio.

Article 57: A Bro never reveals the score of a sporting event to another Bro unless that Bro has thrice confirmed he wants to hear it.

Article 58: A Bro doesn’t grow a mustache (Exception Tom Selleck)

Article 59: A Bro must always post bail for another Bro, unless it’s out of state or, like, crazy expensive [Crazy expensive bail > (years you've been bros) x $100]

Article 60: A Bro shall honor their father and mother, for they were once Bro and chick. However, a Bro never thinks of them in that capacity.

Sunday, January 3

The Bro's Code Part 1

hypotethical high five!...................... NICE!!

hahaha..actually, for the past few weeks..i've spent most of my time watching one of the best american sitcom which is 'How I Met Your Mother', its already reach to its final season this year which is the fifth favourite character which is also the fundamental character which bring this sitcom alive is Barney Stinson..he developed a code for all bro's and what i found out in the codes are some very hilarious and some is usefull..haha..orait..straight to the point..i divided this post about the bro's code into 4 parts..

How to be a Bro by “The Bro Code” written by Barney Stinson of the How I Met Your Mother.

Article 1: Bro’s before Ho’s.
Always remember, girlfriends come and go, but your boys are always there. Breaking this rule is to commit the cardinal sin against Team Testosterone.

Article 2: A Bro is always entitled to do something stupid, as long as the rest of his Bros are doing it.

Article 3: If a Bro gets a dog, it must be at least as tall as his knee when full-grown.

Article 4: A Bro never divulges the Bro Code to a woman. It is a sacred document not to be shared with chicks for any reason…no not even that reason.

Article 5: Whether he cares about sports or not, a Bro cares about sports.

Article 6: A bro shall not lollygag if he must get naked in front of other Bros in a gym locker room.

Article 7: A Bro never admits he can’t drive stick. Even after an accident.

Article 8: A Bro never sends a greeting card to another Bro.

Article 9: Should a Bro lose a body part due to an accident or illness, his fellow Bros will not make lame jokes such as "Gimmee three!" or "Wow, quitting your job like that really took a lot of ball". Its still a high five and that Bro still has a lot of balls…metaphorically speaking of course.

Article 10: A Bro will drop whatever he’s doing and rush to help his Bro dump a chick.

Article 11: A Bro may ask his Bro(s) to help him move, but only after first disclosing an honest estimate on both time commitment and number of large pieces of furniture. If the Bro has vastly underestimated either, his Bros retain the right to leave his possessions where they are-in most cases, stuck in a doorway.

Article 12: Bros do no share dessert.

Article 13: All Bros shall dub one of their Bros his wingman

Article 14: If a chick inquires about another Bro’s sexual history, a Bro shall honor the “Brode of silence” and play dumb. Better to have women think all men are stupid than tell the truth.

Article 15: A Bro never dances with his hands above his head.

Article 16: A Bro should be able, at any time, to recite the following reigning champions: Super Bowl, World Series, and Playmate of the Year

Article 17: A Bro shall be kind and courteous to his co-workers, unless they are beneath him on the Pyramid of Screaming

Article 18: If a Bro spearheads a beer run at a party, he is entitled to any excess monies accrued after canvassing the group

Article 19: A Bro shall not sleep with another Bro’s sister. However, a Bro shall not get angry if another Bro says, "Dude, your sisters hot!"

Article 20: A Bro respects his Bros in the military because they’ve selflessly chosen to defend the nation, but more to the point, because they can kick his ass six ways to Sunday.

Article 21: A Bro never shares observations about another Bro’s smoking-hot girlfriend. Even if the Bro with the hot girlfriend attempts to bait the Bro by saying “she’s smoking-hot, huh?” a Bro shall remain silent, because in this situation, he’s the only one who should be baiting.

Article 22: There is no law that prohibits a woman from being a Bro.

Article 23 : When flipping through TV channels with his Bros, a Bro is not allowed to skip past a program featuring boobs. This includes but is not limited to, exercise shows, women’s athletics, and on some occasions surgery programs.

Article 24: When wearing a baseball cap, a Bro may position the brim at either 12 or 6 o’clock. All other angles are reserved for rappers and the handicapped.

Article 25: A Bro doesn’t let another Bro get a tattoo, particularly a tattoo of a girls name.

Article 26: Unless he has children, a Bro shall not wear his cell phone on a belt clip.

Article 27: A Bro never removes his shirt in front of other Bros, unless at a resort pool or the beach

Article 28: A Bro will, in a timely manner, alert his Bro to the existence of a girl fight.

Article 29: If two Bros decide to catch a movie together, they may not attend a screening that begins after 4:40pm. Also despite the cost savings, they shall not split a tub of popcorn, choosing instead to procure individual bags.

Article 30: A Bro doesn’t comparison shop.

haha..some of the code needs a bit of a great imagination or creativity of understanding to enable you to truely understand the content..stay tuned for the next which is the 2nd part..thanx for reading guys..huhu

Saturday, January 2

Long Pause..

sorry dear friends..its been awhile since the last time i wrote an entry..supposingly that this post would be about my trip to JB..well..i was been given a bit of a bad news instead..i had some family problems during the day of that ride so i was forced to abandoned that ride to JB..i was devastated to have not be able to join other comrades for a ride to JB..however, i have to accept the fact that FAMILY COMES FIRST!..

what have i been doing during my last 2 3 weeks?? be honest, i have tonnes of stories that i wish to share with all of u guys..but, i can't story it perfectly just by using vocabularies and sentences from typing..haha..i'm sure most of u guys needs some actual conversation or even picture visualization for better experience sharing..=D..

for a start..i'll be sharing with all of you my new hobby apart of riding and convoys which most who knew me keep giving me names such as Rempit UIA, penjahat jalanan, LC jahat crew and many other..FYI,this name was given not because i'm really bad in the roads, but actually because of my modification that i've done to my bike..i'll come to this afterwards again, so lets get back to the actual topic which is playing with DSLR camera..well, this actually new and to discover this interest, i felt my pass time is all started from the manual book of E-520 Olympus DSLR which initially i tought that this camera function was just similar to other cameras..when i started reading the manunals, i just felt curious with most of the function..forexample, Apertures, shutter speeds, macro pictures, manual function,using different lenses,using tripod,shot positions, shot techniques..started just from learning the function of the buttons from the camera and now i ended up taking online classes and also learning most about SLR cameras from the web..i'm still trying to get the firsthand experience of taking wedding pictures and aslo taking event pictures..i'm just waiting for that chance one day..haha..

some of the days was just plain boring..some just a pain in the ass..actually, what i mean about these is when i'm in the campus..when there is no homeworks or wat so ever, i felt very relaxed, thinking of study would be really easy to be dealt in this kind of situation..however, when i start to get really bz, with homeworks, lab report, workshop reports, picking up assignments, Quiz Question hunting, plagrising others was the time when i can get easily cracked..even some small things can get me time i was angry that night, i thrown a small box full with trash from the fourth floor and the tin end up hitting some random pedestrian downstairs..luckily, i manage to hide and ran away from it..haha..actually that random pedestrian was an african would i know if there was a person downstairs during that night..