Thursday, December 10

Future Activity..

My Next Post is gonna be about my next event trip/convoy :

RIDE TO JB (18(friday)-20(sunday)December 2009)
~Closing ride organized by RMC and MRC
~3days 2night
~16 participants including road marshalls
~Updated condition of my machine

stay tuned fellas.. (",)

Sunday, December 6

Home and Room...

hello again.. i just dont know why i wanted to post this on..well..i guess i missed my home and room so much..not to mention my 'katil'..its already gone..i just have to dismantle it..the wood which hold my weight have already given up..i really dont believe my weight is the cause for it..i rather like to believe its durability is already at it's limit..=D..15 years have past..the first furniture that is loaded into my room which is my bed when i was 5 years old..back then i was really happy..finally having my own bed to rest, i'am 20 years old..quite long service my bed have given me..really gonna miss it..well..after dismantling it and rearranging other stuff..finally i could say that my current room looks a bit more spacious than before..not to mention that my size is getting bigger day by day..haha.. this is my current room..with much of its furniture discarded..

haha..that is my current room at home..haha

p/s: ignore the color of the wall..that was my sisters idea..

Thursday, December 3

Acceptance II

Like What i've Expected....

Results..results..results..what do we expect when u r waiting for it..some of us mybe hoping for great marks, good pointers ad possibly better future..and trust me, its damn fun when u know that u achieve it..scoring A's, achieving pointers above 3.5 and getting praises from friends with words like "perghh, tinggi kot pointer ko..hebat la ko.." or "dean list shial..geliga dow otak ko"..well, if only i could get that FOR REAL!..damn my results sucks greatly this semester..

it's a sheer agony waiting and hoping results that u want it only to PASS..and also to hope that ur pointer doesn't fall below 2.0..damn it's SUCKS even greater..

It was at 4.13AM on the Wednesday morning, 3rd of Disember..after countless tries to get excess into the IIUM server, the link appears and i started to key-in the wanted details..few seconds later, the reality Unfolds..Accepting a bad results is not always easy and i did need a few time to get my guts is one of my poor performance in studies through out my life as a poorest result was during my secondary school during form 1..i was admitted into MRSM Kuala Klawang as a student at 1 Al-Khawarizmi at the month of April and the time to prepare for Mid-Terms was very insufficient..during that time, my pointer was only 1.89..Yesterday's result is scores the second spot for my worst result in my much is my pointer??..haha..let's keep it as secret..=D..

The Question is..who is to blame???..well, in this case i have to blame myself because i wasn't putting a lot of effort in studying and i wasn't focusing enough on my subjects..i do felt sad but in the same time, this pain is shaping me to be a better person..accepting is the key to move on with ur takes me half of the day to accept it and now i'm ready to challenge myself for my next semester..let's us take this as a lesson in life whereby eventhough we fall..accept it with open heart and plan a way to overcome it in the future..

p/s: help me friends..pray for my success..i'm hoping for a better future..

Tuesday, December 1


Today will be the day which the Finals exam result would be released for us students of the International Islamic University of Malaysia..well, i could not say that i'm eager to view my results..but i am rather worried bout it..some say's that the paper was tough and some say it's moderate..but for me, those previous Final paper was indeed tough and i do hope n pray that i pass most of my subjects..

It's quite painfull to see ur own result when u know that u are definitely going to fail one of my case, i'm sure to failed my Statics since by the time i sit for that exam, i was only equipped with 15/60 carry marks and decent amount of knowledge about Rigid Body, Weight Distribution and some other subtopic that is surely a killer in this subject..imagine scoring 90/100 in the finals from one of many other tough engineering subjects with minimal knowledge, is it possible??..haha..

by 4pm..the results will be released and i just need to strengthen my heart to accept the fact of my previous semester..the semester which i didn't put a lot of effort and honeymooning with my new friends and busy with lots2 of convoys and stuffs like that..Next Sem i'll try to focus back on what is my purpose to be in this University..friends, help me and pray for my focus in my next Semester..i'll be Better!

Monday, November 23

Ride Port Dickson tapi menyimpang ke Jelai, Negeri Sembilan


kali nie plak ak nk bercerita skit pasal ride ak ke Port Dickson..haha..Post yg lepas ak story pasal ke Bukit Tinggi en..haha..hari sabtu layan corner..esoknye ahad plak layan highway plak..haha..Ride ke PD nie plak tujuannye saje2 nk tau jalan nthen nk melawat pantai kat area PD..haha..tue tujuan ride sbenarla..tapi ak join ride tue sbb tujuan len..nak menemankan rakan se-MRSM dulu nk sewa apartment utk wat reunion kelas die..since beberapa bulan yg lepas kelas ak sndiri dah wat kat area PD nie gak..reunion 2hari 1malam..wat BBQ dan sebagainye..

so,pada pagi Ahad event ini plak yg ak join..

~Ride ke Port Dickson
~22 November 2009 (ahad)
~Jalan2 ambil angin di pantai area Port Dickson
~dalam 7 motor LC, 1 wave125(modi), 1 yamaha SS(tayar botak)
~Pergi balik hari

ok, pada pagi tue ak bersiap2 dalam kol 7.30pg nthen 8.15 start sarapan ngn Meor kat kedai mamak area umah ak..dah siap makan sume tue, ak, meor, firdaus(pele) ngn stevoc pon bertolak trus ke tmpt RV kat Tol Sungai Besi..haha..smpai2 je kami pon menanti dak LC Rawang utk join kami..

stevoc(marshall) mengodek ekzos perangnye

firdaus(pele) dgn Yamaha SS Atoy

Encik Meor

Sambil tengah tunggu dak2 rawang nie..ade plak geng2 moto besar wat convoi gak..dieorg nie organize event ride ke selatan..byk moto easy rider yg join n ade gak SBK yg join..mostly daripada Johor dieorg nih..

Dalam pukul 11.00 Tghari baru la ahli-ahli rawang tibe..dieorg lewat skit sbb ade bbrape masalah dengan mesin mereka dalam perjalanan ke Tol Sungai Besi..siap sume settle problem kami pon bertolak trus ke Port Dickson..huhu..macam2 berlaku time nih..haha..sorang tue nk test mesin smpai terlepas exit portdickson pastu dah smpai jauh2 tue kiteorg gi amik dieorg blk kat tgh-tgh highway..haha..siap wrongway lagi kat highway tue..haha..kalo ikot ati nk je tangkap gmba tapi risau2..agak merbahaye..hahaha..

dah tue kami pon RV balik kat Shell mane ntah..lepas kua highway masuk ke senawang..haha..kami berkumpul lagi..time nie ade la sesi tangkap gamba lagi..haha..dah ak ngade2 nk jadi cameraman..ape lagi..ade pluang tngkap gmba..haha..nasib DSLR nie bukan ak punye..kalo ye dah lame ak gne kaw2..haha..

Kemudian, kami teruskan lagi perjalanan trus ke Port Dickson dan akhirnye kami tiba di Pantai Port Dickson..haha..dalam pukul 1 lbh kami smpai..plan ade gak nk ke Teluk Kemang sbb dah alang2 kat PD tue saje la nk ke sane..tapi hasrat nie terbantut sbbnye Ujan..nak wat camne..timing ride pon time musim tengkujuh..haha..tapi xpe..atleast dapat kesane tue seronok..haha..cuci mate bole..nk mandi pon bole..haha..tapi keje ak dok tngkap gegambar ler kat situ..haha..siap si firdaus(pele) pon men camera tangkap2 gambar kat pantai..hahaha..

pas abes sesi bergamba tue..tup tup ttbe time la kiteorg bersurai..ak gerak ngn Firdaus(pele)..berpecah ngn mmber moto reramai nih..haha..temankan firdaus gi sewa apartment utk wat reunion kat situ..haha..time nie mmg dah ride kaw2 pnye santai sbb si firdaus pnye moto ss nih taya blakang dah botak..haha..mane xnye ak risau..haha..dah lepas sewa tue die plak ngade2 nk jmpe kekasih ati die kat Jelai..haha..lagipon time tue ak xde hal pon so ak layankan la kepale die tue..haha..kami pon bertolak ke jelai dalam pukol 3.30ptg..haha..dalam 2jam gak nk smpai ke jelai tue..huhu..seronok gak la layan jalan kampung nih tapi speed nk kene sndiri ingat la sbb pepahamla en jalan kampung nie bhye die lain mcm sk8..haha..kami spent mase kat jelai tue smpai kol 7.30..pas maghrib tue kami pon bertolak balik KL..haha..agak best gakla jenjalan kali nih..haha..sabtu ahad ak xde la terabai..haha..jmpe lagi dalam next post yer..=DD

Ride Bukit Tinggi (21 November)

bertemu lagi..kali nie dalam post nie ak nk kongsi la ngn rakan2 sekalian pasal ride kali nih..bukannye merempit ke atpn ape..haha..atas dasar minat sahaje..ade gak tujuan lain sbnarnye bile ak join ride2 nih..nk tau jalan je..haha..since kalo nk gi sendiri2 kang kalo papehal jadi kang susa nk mintak bile gi ngn rakan2 nih insyallah kebajikan kamu akan selamat..ahaha..ak join 2 ride pade hujung minggu lepas iaitu pada hari sabtu 21 nov ngn ahad 22 nov..daripada dok umah x wat pape lbh bek jenjalan tgk Malaysia..eventhough timing jenjalan nie x brape mantap..haha..musim tengkujuh lagipon en..jalan skit je asal nk petang mesti hujan..okelah..kang ak type byk2 kang boring lak kamu nk mmbace ek..haha

Event: Ride Ke Bukit Tinggi
Tarikh: 21 November 2009 (Sabtu)
Tujuan: Meleper Santai

ride ke Bukit Tinggi nie ade 6 org yg join..sumenye ahli daripada LCPJ(LC Petaling Jaya)..mase pergi nih 4 org pakai safety gear yg cukup (jacket padding, glove, fullface, padding kaki dan sbgainye)..ak dan rakan sorang lagi (shenlong) je yg x cukup..haha..kami yg baru lagi berkecimpung ngn dunia meleper nih..meleper nie leh dimaksudkan sebagai melayan corner..feel die len skit..seronok n seram..haha..kalo overshoot silap2 bleh masuk gaung(since byk jalan2 corner nih ade kat kawasan bukit..cthnye: Kuala Klawang, Geting Sepah dan lain2)..kami RV di Shell Bangsar..

roger Shenlong

Ketibaan Phenom

sesi photografi 1

pemandangan kawasan RV

dah kumpul org pastu kami pon bertolak..sarapan dulu pada awalnye..haha..

tempat sarapan kami

antara yg terlibat

gambar tatapan

Dah siap sarapan sume so kami pon mule meleper ikot jalan dalam nk ke RNR geting sepah tue..jalan blakang UIA gombak tepi2 bukit gak jalannye..saje ikot jalan tue sbb nk warm up tayar blakang(idea Daniel nie)..sronok meleper dalam setengah jam then baru smpai ke Geting Sepah..terpakse berhenti jap sbb ujan stat turun plak..hampa gak pada awalnye kami tunggu kat RNR tue dlm stgh jam..baru la ujan berhenti..kami truskan perjalanan ke Bukit Tinggi..

Kali nie corner kat kawasan bukit tinggi nie agak tinggi dan luas..selesa rase bile nk turunkan badan mase tgh bawak motor tue..silap gak naik bukit time tue ak pakai sporket kecik..size 36..haha..nasib bek bukan nek Awana..sakit enjin ak nnt..haha..daripada RNR geting sepah tue nk ke bukit tinggi tue dalam 30 minit kat highway nthen dalam 15 minit nk naik bukit plak..huhu..smpai je kat atas kami pon bergamba lagi..haha..

haha..ikot betol byk lagi gmba tapi penat plak nk upload bebanyak..huhu..pastu dah puas bergmba..ikot plan nk tngkap gmba time tgh layan corner..tapi rezeki x menyebelahi kami..hujan turun plak..nsb bek lepas kami2 sume tngkap gmba..nk truskan ke taman2 kat area bukit tinggi tue plak mcm bhye kami decide utk pulang je..since xde tujuan kalo nk leper dlm first dulu..huhu

wajah hampa

kumpul utk bersurai

so daripada ride kami nie kami dpat rasekan agak puas ati walaupon sdkit kecewa sbbnye ujan..haha..tapi nk wat camne..keselamatan perlu diutamakan since pnunggang motorsikal nie risk die lagi besa daripada pemandu kereta..Next post plak akan diceritakan pasal ride ke Port Dickson plak..huhu..