Tuesday, December 1


Today will be the day which the Finals exam result would be released for us students of the International Islamic University of Malaysia..well, i could not say that i'm eager to view my results..but i am rather worried bout it..some say's that the paper was tough and some say it's moderate..but for me, those previous Final paper was indeed tough and i do hope n pray that i pass most of my subjects..

It's quite painfull to see ur own result when u know that u are definitely going to fail one of it..in my case, i'm sure to failed my Statics since by the time i sit for that exam, i was only equipped with 15/60 carry marks and decent amount of knowledge about Rigid Body, Weight Distribution and some other subtopic that is surely a killer in this subject..imagine scoring 90/100 in the finals from one of many other tough engineering subjects with minimal knowledge, is it possible??..haha..

by 4pm..the results will be released and i just need to strengthen my heart to accept the fact of my previous semester..the semester which i didn't put a lot of effort and honeymooning with my new friends and busy with lots2 of convoys and stuffs like that..Next Sem i'll try to focus back on what is my purpose to be in this University..friends, help me and pray for my focus in my next Semester..i'll be Better!

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