Sunday, December 6

Home and Room...

hello again.. i just dont know why i wanted to post this on..well..i guess i missed my home and room so much..not to mention my 'katil'..its already gone..i just have to dismantle it..the wood which hold my weight have already given up..i really dont believe my weight is the cause for it..i rather like to believe its durability is already at it's limit..=D..15 years have past..the first furniture that is loaded into my room which is my bed when i was 5 years old..back then i was really happy..finally having my own bed to rest, i'am 20 years old..quite long service my bed have given me..really gonna miss it..well..after dismantling it and rearranging other stuff..finally i could say that my current room looks a bit more spacious than before..not to mention that my size is getting bigger day by day..haha.. this is my current room..with much of its furniture discarded..

haha..that is my current room at home..haha

p/s: ignore the color of the wall..that was my sisters idea..

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Au Revoir said...

ko mmg jambu dowh .
muka ganas tp color pink .
hahahaha =)