Saturday, January 2

Long Pause..

sorry dear friends..its been awhile since the last time i wrote an entry..supposingly that this post would be about my trip to JB..well..i was been given a bit of a bad news instead..i had some family problems during the day of that ride so i was forced to abandoned that ride to JB..i was devastated to have not be able to join other comrades for a ride to JB..however, i have to accept the fact that FAMILY COMES FIRST!..

what have i been doing during my last 2 3 weeks?? be honest, i have tonnes of stories that i wish to share with all of u guys..but, i can't story it perfectly just by using vocabularies and sentences from typing..haha..i'm sure most of u guys needs some actual conversation or even picture visualization for better experience sharing..=D..

for a start..i'll be sharing with all of you my new hobby apart of riding and convoys which most who knew me keep giving me names such as Rempit UIA, penjahat jalanan, LC jahat crew and many other..FYI,this name was given not because i'm really bad in the roads, but actually because of my modification that i've done to my bike..i'll come to this afterwards again, so lets get back to the actual topic which is playing with DSLR camera..well, this actually new and to discover this interest, i felt my pass time is all started from the manual book of E-520 Olympus DSLR which initially i tought that this camera function was just similar to other cameras..when i started reading the manunals, i just felt curious with most of the function..forexample, Apertures, shutter speeds, macro pictures, manual function,using different lenses,using tripod,shot positions, shot techniques..started just from learning the function of the buttons from the camera and now i ended up taking online classes and also learning most about SLR cameras from the web..i'm still trying to get the firsthand experience of taking wedding pictures and aslo taking event pictures..i'm just waiting for that chance one day..haha..

some of the days was just plain boring..some just a pain in the ass..actually, what i mean about these is when i'm in the campus..when there is no homeworks or wat so ever, i felt very relaxed, thinking of study would be really easy to be dealt in this kind of situation..however, when i start to get really bz, with homeworks, lab report, workshop reports, picking up assignments, Quiz Question hunting, plagrising others was the time when i can get easily cracked..even some small things can get me time i was angry that night, i thrown a small box full with trash from the fourth floor and the tin end up hitting some random pedestrian downstairs..luckily, i manage to hide and ran away from it..haha..actually that random pedestrian was an african would i know if there was a person downstairs during that night..


zarep said...

dah ble komen..yuhuu

RiMa LuRiMa said...

hahaha!! saje testing