Sunday, February 14

Chiness New Year Holidays

it's nice actually after a few weeks of full and pack classes..and to get ready for the upcoming finals..having a few days of holiday is just very pleasant..what am i doing on my holidays?? be honest, it's just not much to do that just to lie on the bed 24 hours..well, it could be boring just to sleep actually..i did go out on several occasion..

i went back home last thursday night after missing an important OOP class..around 10pm, i start the ignition of my small bike and started to fly through the roads..around 11pm i safely arrived home and then i was able to sleep at 3AM after posting some blogs and writting some more..

woke up early actually..around 7.30AM and started jogging around my housing area.. eventhough it is boringto jog alone.. i manage to pull it off for about 20 minutes..haha..then, i force myself to take my motorcycle exhaust in UIA..i have to leave it for awhile since i could not carry it along with my other baggage the night before..i have to switch my exhaust since the noise produced from my YYPang exhaust is too loud and too much for my dad to handle..not to mention those words that my dad said to me about using this 'ekzos PERANG'--(term used by most of motorcycle enthusiast whereby they install an exhaust which does not follow the specification and rules of conventional vehicle law and JPJ... and it also emits a very loud noise too..if u are brave enough to fight with the law by means of transportation, using this kind of exhaust can be ur starting point of the process)--

u can see that tiny indication on YYPang Exhaust at the rear tire of this bike

now..i am using AHAU racing exhaust which is much lesser noise production and it have a perfect camouflage which posses the same cutting and shape of the original of standard factory, i can now roam a bit more freely than before..=D...after, the friday prayers, i didn't do much..usual friday evening job for me is to fetch my two sisters who is studying in a school at Shah Alam..then i am preparing myself for that night..

my friday night routine is going to a small gathering among my common 'Yamaha LC'-(a type of motorcycle which is manufactured by Yamaha)- friends..we usually meet up and just chatting up during that is quite the same to another word-"melepak"-..the only difference is that..what we mainly discuss is much more about bikes and some of the experience with it..sometimes we discuss about plans for the upcoming convoys and some are just plain topics..well, to be honest..i am happy to be apart of them because little by little i can learn something that i don't even know or something that i have never experienced before on the roads..=D

These pictures above are some of them that i spent my friday night with..=D

My saturday is just as any other saturday..the only difference for this saturday is that i was spending most of my time during that day with one of my bestfriend during my secondary is really2 hot that day..the heat is just too great..we meet up during the afternoon and he begged me to take him anywhere but not to his rented apartment..haha..he complained that the TV was broken and internet connection is being held off since they have a RM500 worth of debt to the broadband's just another case of late payment of the internet bills..there is nothing to do at that house..that's why he begged to go out somewhere..haha..we didn't go far that day..around 12pm in the afternoon, i went to my 'pomen's house'--(the person who have the knowledge of the mechanical parts of a vehicle is a mechanic but the term 'pomen' is used when that mechanic is the person that we can trust to deal with repairs or modifications on ur vehicle weather it is motorcycle or a car..and that pomen also sometimes, you can regard them as one of your friends which u'll keep coming to him whenever there is a problem with ur machine)..i was there just to chat up with him a little bit and to observe the bike of one of my friend..he was making some modifications on the engine of his motorcycle..we were there for about an hour..

then after that, me and my friend, Hariz were discussing a place to go..haha..its was hot and i was really sweating a lot inside the car..we went back to my house awhile after that since we can't decide where to go and it was terribly hot that day..relaxing for awhile at my room than we came to agree to go to Shah Alam that evening to get some usual spot at seksyen 2 food was refreshing..its nice if i have the ice shredding machine which i can help making myself my own ABC anytime..


Sunday..i woke up a bit late today..i was up around 1pm and i can say that there is not much to do or no place to go since it is the Chinese New Year Day..most of the shops are closed and the main roads near my housing area is not filled with cars as it supposed to be Activity that day started at night..around 8pm..i have to buy dinner for my family..and the menu that night was KFC..but i didn't eat much that night..i guess i drank a lot that evening since it was really hot during the evening and the afternoon..

After that, my friend invited me to play some computer games at the nearest Cyber Cafe..that night we played 'DOTA'
-(there a lot version of names that people gave to this game actually..and one of it is "Dunia Orang Tiada Awek"..sounds silly at first but actually i can say it is right..later on we discuss on this..well, actually DOTA refers to Defend Of The a strategy game where by we control only one character or another word in gaming perspective-hero- to defend our base from being demolished or destroyed by the opposing side..this game is originated from Warcraft III- The Frozen Throne)..the rule of the game is simple..destroy your enemy's base..haha..the game actually can be played as much as 10 players..5 sentinels and 5 sourge..usually this game is played among ur closest friends whereby the complexity of the game can be used to create a new method or skills to beat the opposing teams..intellegance is also the key of the game..haha..i can start explaining in detail about this game actually but lets save it for the future post..we played 2 frames that night..1 lost and 1 win..the first game we lost because we can't get through thier defences..we were fighting 5 heroes with stun(freeze an opponent in a short period of time) ability..but on the second game..we won in a great style..all the heroes is well balanced and we are able to suppress them until the very end of the game..the first game i used Magnus and the second i used Dark Seer..for those who didn't have a clue to what i was saying..u shouldn't be bothered by's just some gaming talk after all..haha..

Well..i guess thats all i can share with you guys today..till the next time..Happy Chinese New Year Everybody!!..


RiMa LuRiMa said...

woa.. sguh bermanfaat cti2 mu.. hihi :P

botak said...

gile cool moto kau

zarep said...

nana-> ahaha..agak terisi la gak cuti kali nie..haha

bobotak-> moto wave ko pon cool gak otai jalanan..haha

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woah..tak sangka ko dah jadi mat rempit ye skarang..

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