Friday, February 12

My Engineering Major

9th February 2010 (Tuesday) -1.38 am-

Its already almost 2 hour after midnite and I could not get myself to sleep..i guess it has been my problem actually..i hardly able to sleep early at nights..the only time that I was able to is after doing some outdoor activities..such as futsal game or, riding with my motorcycle friends or, out seeing my MRSM school mates around Shah Alam..haha..(Potter..ikan siakap bile nk blanje nih!..haha..=D)..sorry for those who usually got my msg around 3 or 4 am in the morning..haha..i just can’t help it..just like to wish gudnite to people..ahaha..=D..

Well, today’s entry is actually about a News that just came to me earlier this afternoon..regarding my major in engineering..i actually kind of hoping that I could be admitted to Manufacturing Engineering..however, the News that I heard is not that..i actually got admitted to take Majoring in Material was shocking actually at first because I never expected that..but then, I just can’t deny it..if that is what God have given path onto me..i just need to be thankful and start to make a great deal out of’s a new challenge to me..u’ll would want to know why I said something like this rite?..well..actually, I don’t like chemistry..and chemistry is one of the fundamentals that is required for this majoring course and maybe one of the basic component to be successful in this course..did I make it sound a bit intense??..hahaha. my history with chemistry is just not very pleasant..i thought of getting Manufacturing at first place..and then I thought of Automotive as the second and Communication as the third..Material??..naaahhh…hahaha..but still.. Majoring in Material Engineering => Prof. IR Dato’ Dr Amirul Zharif Bin Ruzali (Professor Materialugy and Substance Science)..haha..kind of cool maybe??..i wonder what kind of new knowledge that I will be able to embrace and ponder into later on in this course..hahaha..but still..chemical equation still haunts me..(Hariz “itam”..ajar ak dow nnt chemistry..haha”)..periodic table and stuff like that..God!!..PLEASE GIVE ME GUIDANCE TO SUCCEED IN THIS!..AMIN…=D


fc chimeras said...
aku tau knp kau x dpt 1st,2nd nor 3rd choice.hahaha tu laa kau bljr main2 lg.asek merempit jee kejenye..ko tukar biotek laa same dgn aku..

zarep said...

korang je yg asyik pkir negatip dow ak rempit sane sini la..aduihh..padahal ak ade je stdy kat blik tue..cume mase terluang ak guna jenjalan ngn moto..haha